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Evgenia Knyazeva

Evgenia Knyazeva Art Educator & Artist

Evgenia Knyazeva is a very talented and recognized Russian Artist with an absolutely unique and distinguished painting style.

Evgenia possesses high academic qualifications. She graduated with honours in Fine Arts from the Orenburg Region Art Academy with the qualification of Artist & Art Educator. 

After her graduation she continued her studies at one of the Russian’s best & most prestigious Art Schools: V.M. Vasnetsov, Abramtsevo College for Fine Arts and Industry, where she was ranked as the top student in the entrance examinations and during all three years of her studies.

Evgenia possesses a valuable teaching experience. Before re-locating to Hong Kong and joining Anastassia’s Art House, she taught art to children & adults at an Art Academy in Russia. Teaching art and passing the wealth of knowledge and experiences she has accumulated to her students is something she finds extremely exciting and rewarding.

Evgenia’s paintings are light and poetic, compositions are very well balanced and the combination of reality & mystic is captivating. Her academic & classical artistic education serves as a solid ground for her fairylike abstract ideas to spill on canvas in an exquisite & unique style.

Evgenia’s paintings represent an art form where the realization of her creativity helps to revitalize the whole understanding of realistic painting approach in modern art. The combination of her ability painting in lifelike manner & her amazing creativity result in distinctive & innovative artworks. Her paintings harbour ideas and are rich in content and visually very clear to absorb, yet just offer a subtle understanding of the artists’ plot behind them. Evgenia’s technical approaches and methods testify to the diversity of her talent, as she loves to experiment with a wide range of media & techniques and reaches out to amaze her audience.

Evgenia Knyazeva has participated in many National & International Art Exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, Europe & Hong Kong.

Click here to view her artowrks.

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