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Dmitry Timofeev

Dmitry Timofeev Art Educator & Artist

Leading Russian Artist and Art Educator at Anastassia’s Art House –
Multi-Award Winning Russian Art Academy

Anastassia’s Art House is very pleased to announce the recruitment of a new outstanding leading Artist/ Art Educator. Dmitry Timofeev has a truly impressive academic background. He graduated with honors fromthe RussianFederal State Post-Secondary Educational Institution "Abramtsevo Arts and Crafts College Named after V.M. Vasnetsov”in 1996. He received the highest mark of “excellent”, in all of his courses. The degree program he completed during his studies is a 5 year program with a very extensive and comprehensive coursework inDrawing, Painting, Sculpture, Composition, Graphics & Perspective, etc.

After his graduation he continued his studies at the top & most prestigious Art University of the Russian Federation for Higher Professional Learning: the“St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin”. He graduated in 2008 after an extensive 6 years program also with “excellent” marks.The coursework included, but was not limited to: Psychology & Pedagogy; History of Art; Ancient Art; Middle age & Oriental Art; Renaissance Art; Monumental Drawing & Painting; Composition & Perspective; Human Anatomy; Technique & Technology of Painting Materials; Architecture and Modern Materials in Art.

Dmitry Timofeev obtained excellent, very valuable & extensive practical working experience as an Art Educator.Before re-locating to Hong Kong and joining Anastassia’s Art House in 2012, he taught Art to Post-Secondary Educational Institution Art students from September 2008 to March 2012. He was a curator and advisor of executive and painting-related creative parts of the Final Year projects - leading his groups of students to obtaining excellent marks in their Graduation Diplomas. During his teaching years in the tertiary level Art Institute, his students praised him for his notable highly professional competence, clear structural teaching and remarkable mutual understanding.

Dmitry is a practicing artist with an established reputation of being an excellent classical painter, with solid academic knowledge, yet with his own very unique style. His paintings harbor ideas that are rich in content and visually very clear to absorb, yet just offer a subtle understanding of the artists’ plot behind them.

Could the painter show the modern objective world from a contemporary art perspective without violating the time-honored, classical art? Without destroying the traditional academic excellency in painting, but rather perfectingit? Without simply imitating his predecessors, but reinventing style & painting techniquesto reach thelevel of mastery of the great artists of the past but within the chosen modern domain? To achieve such great level of mastery, a painter must not only strive to perfect his style & methods, but also continuously push the limits of exploring his own uniqueness and innovativeness.

The continuous quest for creative reflection of classical art &the constant study of achievements of great masters are not enough on their own to make an artist reach the level where he gets the attention and admiration of spectators. Thecreationof one’s very own unique individualism in the world of art and his ability to reflecthis vision of a spiritual world on canvas would wow the hearts of art appreciators. (win the appreciation & gratefulness)

Among those artists, who are thinking of the meaning in life is Dmitry Timofeev. His paintings are not only a delight to the eye, they are compelling (persuading) to search and to find some mystery (enigmatic) meaning in our everyday life. 

Dmitry’s paintings are highly sought after and are in private collections in Russia, Europe, USA and China.
Dmitry Timofeevhas participated in many National & International Art Exhibitions.
• Moscow, Kremlin – 2010
• Kaliningrad Art Gallery – 2008
• Kaliningrad Art & History Museum – 2007
• Museum named after F.Tutchev – 2006
• Pskov Art Gallery – 2002
• St. Petersburg Cathedral “Smolny” –2002
• St. Petersburg Radisson-Slovyanskaya - 2002

Click here to view his artworks.

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